• 10- The Magic Taps

    Let us describe what we mean by the conscious ego. It is those thoughts, emotions, ideas, memories, wants and objectives through which we subjectively analyze, judge, evaluate, reflect, categorize, construct, and interpret everything and everyone...As the hard shells of our egos begin to rub and bang against one another, we create all kinds of unnecessary pain and misfortune...Our conditioning surfaces...it triggers emotional responses that haven't been resolved...

    Most of us are preoccupied with our concerns. We are preoccupied with the past or with the future. And while we are so involved with the past and future, we miss the moment-to-moment awareness of our lives...When you miss the moment, you miss your life, because life takes place only in this moment.

    John Daido Loori

    Two Arrows Meeting In Mid-Air

    Fatigue breeds anxiety.

    That’s why this relaxation technique can be beneficial, whether performed first thing in the morning, during the day, or just before you go to sleep. I really enjoy this exercise, especially for the places it can lead to, and use it daily.

    With your eyes closed, imagine a tap has been placed on each of your fingers and each of your toes.

    Open each tap one at a time.  Start with the little finger on your left hand, next the ring finger, and so on.  Next, focus on the right hand, finger by finger in the same order as the left. Follow with the left foot, then the right foot, toe by toe, again in the same order. A precise image isn’t necessary.

    Imagine your body is filled with a clear liquid that gently flows out when the taps are open.

    Start with the top of your head and feel the liquid flowing down from your forehead, the back of your head, your eyes, cheeks, throat and neck, leaving them relaxed, calm and peaceful. Continue this for each part of your body down to the toes.

    If there is any tension remaining, feel the tension. Feel through the tension. Feel the tension dissolving and gradually flowing away.

    Slowly take a deep breath, count silently to four and exhale slowly. As you do this, gently press the thumbnail of your left thumb into the next finger. Feel a wave of relaxation flow down from the top of your head throughout your entire body like a wave gently washing to shore, leaving your body relaxed, calm and at peace. With practice, the thumbnail press can become a “Positive” Conditioned Response to relax your body and mind.

    Repeat twice more.

    When finished, open your eyes. Beginning with the top of your head mentally trace down through your entire body, moving various muscles. If you like, perform the Star Stretch.